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Friends of Arkordia Seminars are a series of presentations of interest to professionals in the fields of counselling, psychotherapy, art therapy, psychiatry, psychology, social work, and related disciplines.

Details of our next seminar can be found below.

Domestic abuse counselling: is it a specialism?

A seminar by Dr Jeannette Roddy on Wednesday 1st November 2023 at 7.00pm


Working with clients who have been abused is complex work. We are not only dealing with the symptoms presented but also the experiences that have resulted in the symptoms and the relational and behavioural impact of the abuse on day to day life and the therapeutic relationship. Often agencies will only take therapists with ‘significant’ experience, recognising that the level of skill required to work successfully with this client group.

Within this presentation, Jeannette will present a model of counselling and a competency framework that has been developed from client research with people who have had counselling after experiences of domestic abuse. This will show some of the differences between what is taught in general counselling skills courses and what might be required in domestic abuse practice and why; leaving you to decide whether you feel it is a specialism or not!

The presentation will be interactive, and questions and comments are always welcome!


Dr Jeannette Roddy has spent more than 10 years exploring what is needed for domestic abuse counselling. Her research has included both female and male participants sharing what they felt helped and hindered their recovery during counselling. She is the author of Counselling and Psychotherapy After Domestic Violence: a client view of what helps recovery (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) and the editor and main contributor to Working with Client Experiences of Domestic Abuse: a handbook for counsellors, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals (Routledge, 2023).

Jeannette set up the Domestic Abuse Counselling Service at the University of Salford which grew from start-up in October 2019 to seeing over 60 clients per week with over 20 counsellors by October 2021, and has delivered excellent clinical results. Jeannette is a BACP accredited counsellor/psychotherapist in private practice, an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Salford and an Honorary Research Fellow at York St John University. She is also the CEO of Dactari, which specialises in delivering specialist online counselling and counsellor training in domestic abuse counselling. She can be contacted at

Location and Registration

You can attend this seminar in person at Southside Centre, 86 Causewayside, Edinburgh, EH9 1PY alternatively you can join Online using Zoom.

You can register for this event at Event Bright. We kindly suggest a £10 donation to attend these events to help support Arkordia.

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