If you wish to volunteer with us, you must be fully qualified and, as a general rule have at least 400 hours of 1-1 counselling practice in addition to your diploma or masters in counselling/psychotherapy or art therapy. Arkordia requires you to give at least a years’ practice with us and also commit to attend our monthly peer and business meetings. These meetings underscore our cooperative identity. The peer group especially is a rich and engaging forum for work on our practice and for sharing our understanding of one another’s work.

As a therapist you agree to work (agreed expenses excepted) voluntarily at the Southside Counselling Centre. It is possible to arrange to work from other centres/institutions for reasons of travel either for your self or your client. You must carry your own insurance for your practice with us and have private supervision arrangements over and above the peer group meetings we offer.

We do not offer any 1-1 supervision or mentoring to our practitioners. If you think you meet these criteria do contact us and we can arrange to meet for an interview.