Annual General Meeting 5 October 2018

Friday 5th October 2018

7.00 – 9.30 pm

Salisbury Centre

2 Salisbury Rd, Edinburgh EH16 5AB

• Find out about Arkordia’s operations, finances, and election of office bearers.

• Enjoy some refreshments with us.

• Enjoy the keynote speech:

‘The work of psychotherapy within the broad canvas of human spirituality’ by Peter Young.

We would be delighted to see you there. Please reserve your place with Pauline McElroy via email.

The 12th century Andalusian mystic Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi provides us with an overview of human spiritual progress, describing it in terms of three journeys: from unity to individuation; the return to ‘union’; and re-individuation in the light of gnosis as a saint or enlightened being. Taking these journeys as our starting point, we will consider where the work of psychotherapy ‘fits’ within the broad canvas of human spirituality. Where do psychotherapy and spirituality overlap? How do the two disciplines differ in aim and approach, and what are the dangers in conflating the two? The three persons – I, Thou and He/She/It – will provide a framework for this exploration, referencing Martin Buber and Ken Wilber, as well as Ibn Arabi and Rumi.
Peter Young, now retired and living in Edinburgh, was Principal of the Chisholme Institute in the Scottish Borders until 2015. The Institute runs non-denominational study retreat courses based on the unity of all existence and our human potential for self-knowledge.